pita & wraps

*vegetarian option
**zaatar- oregano, thyme, sesame, sumac spice, lemon & olive oil flat bread fresh baked right here!
Make any item on the menu into a zaatar wrap for an additional $2

a middle eastern favorite, chick pea patties,lettuce, tomato & parsley topped with tahini sauce. $5.99 
Falafel & Eggplant Wrap. $6.99
Chicken Shawurma
sliced meat slow roasted on a rotating spit, lettuce tomato and parsley, topped with tahini sauce
S $6.50 / L $8.75
Lamb Shawurma
sliced fresh slow roasted lamb, lettuce tomato and parsley, topped with tahini sauce. Only on Thursdays & special occasions S $7.50 / L $9.50
Roasted Vegetable*
an assortment of grilled veggies with feta, tabbouli, and our homemade garlic and/or roasted pepper spreads. $6.50
The Eggplant*
grilled eggplant, babaghanouj & tabbouli. $5.99
The Pepper*
fire roasted peppers, pepper spread, fresh mozzarella & olives. $6.25
The Kashkaval*
kashkaval cheese, artichokes, olives, roasted pepper & lettuce. $6.99
Kibbe (sauteed meat, onion & pine nuts in a ground meat & bulgar shell), Feta, and tabbouli. $6.50
Meatless Kibbe*
vegetarian “kibbe” ball (made with chick peas, spinach, onions, bulgar) with feta & tabbouli... 6.50
Sweet Medjool*
medjool dates, with babaghanouj, Bulgarian feta & romaine. $6.25
Mediterranean Chicken Club
grilled chicken, feta, bacon, olives, roasted peppers & garlic spread. $7.50
Chicken Caesar
Fresh Greens. S $5.99 / L $7.99
imported, olive-oil-soaked tuna with lettuce, tomato, onion and balsamic. $5.99
thin-sliced prosciutto, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, tomato, onion, olive, balsamic & e.v. olive oil. $6.50
The Jack Smith Special
cracked pepper mill turkey, hot peppers, lettuce, tomato, horseradish sauce and hot mustard.$6.25
Feta Olive Cucumber*
with tomato and choice of garlic sauce or extra virgin olive oil. $5.75
Fresh Tabbouli*
in a pita wrap with your choice of hummus or feta
. $5.50
Labne on Zaatar**
lightly salted middle-eastern style strained yogurt, with chopped cucumber & olive oil on zaatar bread
. $5.99
Sardine on Zaatar**
boneless skinless sardine with tabbouli on zaatar bread. $5.99