pastries & more

Our pastries are made every day with care and love! We always have middle eastern specialties such as baklava & maamoul, and many more, available by the piece or the pound- And plenty of options for gluten free and vegan diets!

Lebanese cookie tray

Lebanese cookie tray: Maamoul, Fig cookies, Cous-Cous cookies and Date cookies

coffee & tea/drinks

Arabic Coffee
strong black coffee, roasted and ground, with the fine grounds still in it, served on a platter with the traditional Arabic coffee pot and small cups:
$3, coffee pot that serves 1-2
$6, coffee pot that serves 3-6
Hibiscus Tea
a tart (cranberry-like) tea we make by boiling dried hibiscus petals, sweetened with orange-blossom honey. $2.50
Rose Lemonade
Lemonade with a delicious twist of fresh mint and rose syrup (customary for drinks and desserts in the middle east) $2.00